About Upsound


Who is behind Upsound?+

Behind Upsound are Mathias Møller Preisler, Martin Linde Danty, Andreas Gade Hjarnø and Emil Thiim Berner Hansen.

Mathias Møller Preisler - CEO+

Mathias is the CEO of Upsound and runs the company on a daily basis, where he leads the company's strategy, finances, and product development. He is also an experienced musician and has been releasing music under the alias Preis since 2019. 

Martin Linde Danty - CXO+

Martin is Upsound's designer, and all the visual aspects of the platform are created by him. With over 10 years of experience as a designer, Martin has also been DJ’ing for just as long, giving him insight into both the technical and musical aspects of Upsound. 

Andreas Gade Hjarnø - CTO+

Andreas is the tech wizard at Upsound, having coded the entire platform from scratch. In the past, Andreas also DJed in Helsingør, but today, the real magic happens behind the screen rather than behind the decks. 

Emil Thiim Berner Hansen - CMO+

Emil is a true salesman and marketing geek by day when he works for Upsound, but at night, he has a passion for heavy techno music and plays at some of the darkest nightclubs in Copenhagen.