General Information

What is Upsound?+

Upsound is a platform for the sound- and music industry, where we strive to streamline the many opportunities available in the industry and make it easier to connect. 

As a musician, you can find exactly the recording studio or rehearsal space you want to rent on an hourly or session basis, or the professional help you need to finish your music, including music production, mixing, mastering, and songwriting. All communication, chat, booking, payment, file sharing etc., takes place directly through the same platform.

As a provider on Upsound, you can easily create a profile and be contacted directly by musicians looking for your specific skills, or who want to rent your recording studio, with or without you as a technician included. There is a monthly fee to be a provider on Upsound, but in return, we take 0% commission on the price you set. The subscription is free for the first year, or until you get the first booking/sale, and there is no commitment, so you can freely sign up. We ensure that you are exposed to thousands of potential customers.

Who is Upsound for?+

Upsound is for everyone working with sound and music, or those who want to get started. At Upsound, you can find help with everything from writing and recording your first song, to getting professional mixing/mastering on your music, so it's ready for radio and streaming.

So, if you have a recording studio or rehearsal space, or if you're a producer, sound engineer, or songwriter, then sign up with Upsound and get the opportunity to be exposed to and contacted by thousands of musicians and sound enthusiasts worldwide.

How does Upsound work?+

Upsound operates as follows: 
  1. Recording studio/rehearsal space owners, producers, sound engineers (Mix & Master), and songwriters can sign up for a monthly subscription with Upsound and customize their own profile. It's free to sign up, and you only pay for the subscription once you get your first task (or after 1 year), and there's no commitment.
  2. Interested musicians can sign up for free, and then search and filter through our lists and maps of locations and providers across many countries until they find the perfect match for what they need.
  3. Musicians can then contact and request to book/hire the person or place for the desired task, specifying a description as well as a draft of the price and deadline.
  4. Both parties must agree on the terms and price of the task before it is accepted and the customer pays. It's important that the customer pays immediately so the provider can start the work. The provider also only receives their payment once the task is completed, providing security for both parties against any potential fraud.
  5. During the task, both parties can communicate with each other and send audio files and pictures.
  6. Once everyone is satisfied, the task is concluded by both the customer and the provider, and the provider will receive their payment. If it's a booking for a studio or rehearsal space, it automatically concludes once the agreed-upon booking time is finished.
  7. Afterwards, it's important for both parties to provide a written and star-based review of each other and the process. Reviews are crucial to ensuring high professional quality on Upsound and to ensure that both parties maintain good collaboration and communication throughout the process.

If I have a question?+

If you have a question that wasn't answered in this FAQ, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can use the chat function on the website during daytime hours (in the Danish time zone), or email us at support@upsound.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


How do I pay?+

 Upsound utilizes the global payment system Stripe, ensuring safe and secure transactions. You never pay immediately when contacting our providers, but as soon as you and a studio owner, producer, or similar have agreed on a price and a deadline, you can pay for your task in the same place where you communicate. The studio owner will only receive their money once the booking is completed, and the producer or sound engineer will only receive their payment when both parties agree that the task is finished. Upsound ensures that both parties in the transaction feel secure and that no one attempts to cheat each other.

In the worst-case scenario, Upsound can also act as a mediator if the parties disagree with each other. However, this requires that all communication and payment have taken place through the platform, so we have full oversight. Communication or payment conducted outside the platform cannot be addressed by us and is also not permitted according to our Terms and Conditions.

What does Upsound get out of it?+

At Upsound, providers pay a monthly subscription to be listed on the platform, and those funds are used to operate the site and promote it as widely as possible within the music industry. To date, we have never used money from our users for our own salaries, solely for operations and marketing purposes.

Learn more about our pricing here.

When do I receive payment as a provider?+

If your recording studio or rehearsal space has been booked, the booking will automatically end after the agreed-upon date and time. The booking is only accepted once the customer has paid. The money is paid out on the last banking day of the month via Stripe, and you will receive the money afterwards. Note that the money may not necessarily be in your account on the same day.

If you've been hired as a Producer, Mix & Master, or Songwriter, there's an extra step before you can receive the money. Before the booking goes through, the customer has already paid, but before the money is released and you, as the provider, can receive it, both parties must indicate that the task is actually completed. Therefore, both of you need to go into the task and press the "Work completed" button in the chat. Once both have done this, the provider will receive the money. Again, you receive your money monthly in the same way as described above. We've introduced this extra step to minimize disputes about whether tasks are finished or not and to ensure both parties stay on track to complete the project to everyone's satisfaction.

If any disputes or disagreements arise along the way, we're always here to help, and we can also manually end a task if necessary. Please contact us at support@upsound.com if any issues arise on Upsound, whether you're a customer or a provider.


Why do you have articles and blogs?+

In the Articles and Guides section, visitors can read blogs about everything from how to release music, to understanding the differences between a producer and a sound engineer, what a Mix and a Master are, and much more. In several of our blogs, you can also receive useful materials, such as a Radio Infosheet in this blog or 10 tips for a good press release in this blog.

These blogs are written both by the Upsound team and by service providers on the platform.

All blogs are reviewed and approved by Upsound.